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Creative Warrior Academy of Las Vegas is a school formulated and created from the teachings of CDF Academy under Sifu Rich Lamoureaux and Sifu Jack Soderberg.Our goal is to help our students develope a style of martial arts unique for each student.All ranges included, from grappling to stand up.I like to train attributes not styles.

First I must give special thanks to my instructors,  Guro Rich Lamoureaux and Sifu Jack Soderberg without them I would not be teaching today, and I would not be the man I am without their guidance over the years.They have taught me to appreciate the structure and discipline of traditional martial arts, while giving me the freedom to explore progressive philosophies and training methods.If you ever get the chance to train with either one of these two great martial artists I highly recommend it. I have achieved the rank of Black Sash instructor certified by CDF Academy of Las Vegas and am currently working on achieving my instructor certification in Kali/JKD under Guro Rich Lamoureax.I have competed in Grapplers Quest, San Diego Grand Nationals and World Martial Arts Championships, so I can prepare you for competition as well as the streets.My conditioning methods are very high level, and my methods unique.A very important thing in martial arts is an open mind.Since so many different scenarios could occur training in different ways enables the practitioner the freedom to explore many different training methods.From weapons training to Tai Chi meditation, whatever you are interested in we have something for you to train.Most imortantly is the art of human-ness and respect for ones self and others.          check out our demo video @ or

What is it worth to you to have mental, physical and spiritual balance in your life?

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only humble, honorable students accepted.

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